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Donald Dirren Discusses How Travel Is Expected to Change in 2022



Avid traveller Donald Dirren recently discussed how travel is expected to change in 2022.

PHOENIX, ARIZ. / DEC. 10, 2021 / The travel industry is expected to see a significant boom in 2022. Avid traveler Donald Dirren recently discussed what travellers could expect while travelling in the new year.

“Individuals in the travel industry are gearing up for a busy 2022,” Donald Dirren said. “Many are predicting travel in 2022 to reach beyond pre-pandemic levels.”

Dirren explained that this could be seen by the astronomically high number of holiday travellers this year. Air travel this holiday season is expected to be up 80 per cent over last year.

“People are reaching their limits,” Dirren said. “They want to visit loved ones and experience the many benefits of travel.”

Donald Dirren explained that a nearly two-year-long pause on travel has made people incredibly antsy. They want to experience new cultures, taste new foods, and relax by a pool in a tropical setting.

The Popularity of Domestic Travel

An increase in travel doesn’t mean people will necessarily be flying around the globe. Domestic travel is expected to remain extremely popular in 2022. Studies have shown that domestic-only travel may remain most popular, but nearly 37 per cent of Americans plan to travel domestically and abroad in 2022. Flight searches have multiplied in recent months, signalling that people are starting to plan.

Going Big

Travellers are showing a desire to go big with their travels in 2022. The uncertainty of the past couple of years has increased my desire to check items off the bucket list.

The recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorization of vaccines for kids has also made family trips seem more feasible and safe.

“Travel restrictions are beginning to ease due to rising vaccination numbers,” Donald Dirren said. “People are eager to head to the countries they wanted to visit before the pandemic shut them down.”

Dirren stated that people are eager for new experiences after so much time stuck indoors.

Economic Growth

The return of travel means economic growth for many tourist destinations in the United States and abroad. Experts have suggested a roughly 228 per cent growth in spending is expected internationally due to travel this upcoming year. The recent reopening of the U.S. border to foreign is expected to bring about a resurgence in the economy and travel-related jobs.

“Individuals working in the travel industry have been sitting by the sidelines, even when many jobs went online, and people returned to work from home,” Dirren said. “Tour guides, hotel workers, and others couldn’t perform their jobs at all if nobody was travelling. These people are ready for this boom that will likely send many of them back to work.”

Advice from Donald Dirren

Donald Dirren explained it remains vital that those who take to the skies in 2022 are respectful of COVID regulations where they’re heading. They should also remain vigilant about washing hands, mask use, and other steps to combat the spread of the virus while travelling.

Exness Broker Review — Should You Trade With Exness Broker?


Exness is a broker that was established in 2008 and has since grown in popularity in the market, amassing approximately 60,000 active client accounts from all around the world. Exness continues to achieve new milestones, gaining market share from other prominent brokers as a result of strong partnerships with Real Madrid FC and the World Wildlife Fund Russia. Participants will benefit from a safe and efficient trading environment that includes both the MT4 and MT5 platforms, is available in 13 languages, and provides favorable trading conditions such as low spreads and the availability of ECN accounts.

Is Exness Secure Broker?

Yes, without any doubt it is a safe and secure brokerage platform. Exness is considered one of the top brokers by traders who place a high value on the authenticity and compliance of their broker, as it is guided by various regulations and investor protection from strict, no-nonsense authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). While this includes obligatory compensation programs designed to protect traders in the event of broker insolvency, during Exness’ ten-year existence, neither the company’s operational nor financial performance has been jeopardized.

 Furthermore, traders who do not like to deposit a large sum of money or who do not intend to trade frequently can particularly benefit from Exness. This type of customer will benefit from the Exness Mini account, which requires only a $1 minimum deposit and does not charge any deposit or withdrawal costs, and has a minimum lot size of 0.0001.

Deposit And Withdraw Of Exness Broker

Instant Deposits and Withdrawals are available. Exness processes deposits and withdrawals of client cash in real-time, allowing traders to shift money between accounts and an e-wallet with unrivaled speed and agility. Internal transfers across accounts are completed at the same speed, allowing Exness customers to maintain complete control over all of their funds at all times. This means that the trader’s account balance is always reset to zero in these circumstances; there is no requirement to deposit additional money in order to offset the negative balance. From the exness review, you will get lots of information on a forex broker.

Low spreads starting at 0 pips Exness spreads start at 0 pips and are typically between 0.1 and 1.3 pips for Classic and Mini accounts, respectively. ECN account holders benefit from the lowest spreads, but they must also pay a commission that is proportional to the volume of trades they make.

Leverage And Commission

Leverage that is adaptable Margin trading is available to traders who use any Exness account, allowing them to leverage their cash in order to acquire greater market exposure. For European clients, the maximum available leverage due to ESMA limitations stands at 1:30; however, they can choose from many smaller increments such as 1:2 or 1:10 depending on the asset being traded. For clients in other regions of the world, the amount of leverage that may be applied is virtually limitless in terms of size. By means of Trading Central, Exness also provides analytical reports on a diverse range of financial products.

The Bottom Lines

Exness outperforms other brokers in terms of the user experience, particularly in terms of its rapid funding and transfer strategy, which allows users to gain access to their funds more quickly. A simple sign-up process that asks new clients to validate their identity and, in the case of bank wire transfers, their financial information is followed by a direct link to the trading platform that can be accessed via the web.  

Why Do You Need Custom Packaging? 5 Reasons


As a customer, we all love great and innovative packaging that makes us buy the product repeatedly and strengthens our trust regarding that particular brand. This is why custom packaging is indeed quite essential when it comes to establishing a strong brand positioning in the market. Custom Packaging plays a very important role in increasing product sales, creating a successful and trustworthy brand image, and also gaining a strong customer base. Marketers these days are quite conscious about creating a product that allows the consumers to avail themselves of the great quality product along with top-notch custom packaging and state-of-the-art and innovative custom packaging. The most important reasons that tell us why organizations need custom packaging involves:

Increased Brand Image

Custom packaging plays a very important role in shaping a company’s brand identity and image in the minds of customers. That is why so many companies focus keenly on creating custom packaging that not only provides the consumers with a superior quality product but also allows the organizations to have a sustainable brand name in the market and increased profitability allowing their target market to trust and depend on the brand even more. All you have to do is to design and create packaging that is creative, unique and fits well with your brand and plays an important role by staying in the minds of customers even more. Get the idea from Custom Lip liner Boxes.

Superior Customer Experience

Another important reason that enables the companies to focus truly on their custom packaging related to the product is that it allows the consumers to have an elevated and enhanced customer experience. While unboxing a superior quality packaging, a customer feels quite valued and worthy by the premium quality treatment by the organization. In this age of social media where people are very conscious regarding the quality, packaging, and overall review of the product it is really important to focus on a custom packaging experience that adds value to their buying experience even more.

Safe and Secure Product Delivery

Another factor that plays a very important role in getting great custom packaging for your product is that it keeps the product safe and secure while it is being delivered to the customer’s doorstep. This is indeed one of the major concerns of the manufacturers to safely deliver the product to the customer to meet their expectations and enabling them to buy the product repeatedly due to excellent customer service and buying experience. Get the idea from Custom Cookie Boxes.

Increased Target Audience

Custom packaging also allows you to have a potential increase in the target audience as the customers get a great product experience through custom packaging. In the customer service business, valuable customers are considered as King because they can make or break the product image by reviewing it on social media platforms which plays an important role in grabbing new customers for the product and increasing the product sales to a new level. This is why a business should consider the packaging of a product equally important as the product itself.

Strengthened Client Relationship

Offering customized packaging to the clients allows you to have a strong and reliable relationship with customers because you gain customer loyalty by delivering a product that is up to the mark and expectations of the customers and now, they know a platform that delivers the exact product they have been looking for throughout their time.

Wrapping up!

Custom Packing is indeed one of the most important marketing tool and strategy in increasing product awareness and creating a successful brand image in the market that stays with customers for a long period and help in the increased target market.

Author Bio

Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst, Search Engine Expert, and CEO of Rank Higher. Extensive experience being a content manager in customized Packaging. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

Six Reasons To Visit Kerala


Kerala, situated located on the Malabar Coast, is a captivating land with stunning backwaters, lush greenery, abundant wildlife, and stunning beaches. The food is unique as well…

  • The backwaters

A system of lakes and lagoons, linked by a labyrinth made of canals, rivers, and inlets. If you want to explore these places , than i suggest you take Kerala trip package because the backwaters with the palms of Kerala are among the most relaxing and beautiful destinations in India.

Life in the area follows more gentle patterns, with anglers pulling nets, women washing pots along the bank of the river, and children going off to school in sleek canoes. It’s also a refuge for wildlife, particularly species of birds like kingfishers and fish eagles.

Backwaters in the area are known for their rice barges, unique wooden vessels specially made to navigate the waters here.

Many of them have been transformed into houseboats, and staying on one is a great way to enjoy life here with surprisingly luxurious accommodations and many onboard chefs who are skilled at cooking local dishes.

The sound of the gentle lapping of the waters is one of the most simple joys in life.

  • The animals

Kerala is a place that is well-known for its birds. Birdwatchers flock to the area to catch a sighting of Indian Koel and Loten’s Sunbird and Shikra, and, if they’re lucky, they might even see a Ceylon Frogmouth, which is a rare species of Owl.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is perfect for birders who want to improve their binoculars within a more extensive avian habitat.

With the presence of more than twenty wildlife refuges and national parks, the area gives visitors the chance to view other wildlife species.

Kerala has two tiger sanctuaries such as Parambikulam and Periyar, where tourists can embark on safaris with jeeps to search for the majestic Bengal Tiger. Six national parks are located in the state where endangered species are housed, such as those of the Indian Sloth Bear, the lion-tailed macaque Indian bison, and Nilgiri Tahir.

  • The Food

Keralan cuisine is heavily dependent on its geography and is a delightful mix of fresh fish, exotic spice, and exotic ingredients. An absolute delight for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians too.

Coconut milk is a key ingredient in this recipe, and visitors come across India and even around the globe – to taste the distinctive flavors.

Foods include Mappila (Muslim) biryanis, sadyas (feasts) served in Hindu homes, and vegetarian dishes exclusive to Syrian Christian families. Food is typically eaten on banana leaves, which is a delightful taste that can enhance the taste, particularly when accompanied by a delicious drink called a toddy (palm wines).

Foods to try include appam, stew, puttu, ghee roast dosa, sambhar, and the karimeen pollichathu. However, in truth, everything you eat in Kerala will entice your taste buds.

  • The hills and hill stations

Kerala is so closely linked with its amazing backwaters that many tourists are shocked to discover that the region is home to a few of India’s most romantic hill stations.

They are located in the eastern part of the area close to the Western Ghats ranges and often at 1,600m above sea level. These emerald-green retreats are a refreshing respite from the scorching coastal heat.

At the confluence between three rivers. Munnar may be the one that is most well-known and famous for its green tea gardens, as well as its tea museum.

It’s also the ideal place to see. You can spot a Neelakurinji, which is a bloom that blooms only every 12 years. Athirapally is famous for its waterfalls, and Thekkady is a fantastic location for trekking and walks of a shorter duration.

  • The culture

Kerala’s culture is as distinct as its food and is influenced similarly by the various religions and peoples that have been through.

A distinct blend of Indian and Dravidian culture, it’s an integral part of our daily life. It is evident in architecture and clothing, martial arts, and food.

Performance arts have become extremely significant in Keralan culture, and the area has an incredibly preserved culture and art. The performances are equally popular with residents as they are tourists. They are popular with Kathakali, the classical dance that dates back to the 17th century, and Chakyarkoothu, a form of comedy satire performed – and attended with great enthusiasm across Kerala.

Visit the Kerala Kathakali Centre, Kerala Kalamandalam, Folklore Museum, or Kadathanadan Kalari & Navarasa Kathakali Centre to see a performance. Fort Kochi hosts Mohiniyattam dances, Theyyam performances, and kalarippayattu martial art.

  • The beaches

Kerala boasts over 600 kilometers of the Arabian Sea shoreline in the tropical Malabar Coast. Many of them are sprawling and long and mostly deserted, which makes them a great alternative to the famous and popular beaches of Goa in the north.

Every beach has its distinct individuality. Kovalam is famous for its famous and striped lighthouse, is among one of the most vibrant and closest to a “Goan” beach vacation you can get in Kerala. Varkala isn’t as crowded and is great for relaxing.

Marari is a great choice for people looking to relax due to its spa that specializes in Ayurveda therapies. Additionally, Kannur provides a unique glimpse into the local culture. Many smaller villages host traditional celebrations and demonstrate ancient crafts like handloom weaving.

Kappad, Cherai, and Bekal beaches are worth a visit as well.

How To Choose The Best Travel Membership


Joining the correct travel club or membership club appears to be the most difficult decision to make when deciding to join a club. Travel clubs are available in almost every share and size imaginable, and they all promise to have the finest of the best.

We’ve heard multi-millionaire best travel membership club owners sentenced to 20–30–40 years in prison for stealing, lying, and defrauding customers during the last few decades.

Although the majority of the industry’s criminals have been busted or are currently barred from running another membership club, there are still a lot of so-called travel clubs that you should avoid.

Finding the perfect travel investment club might be difficult, especially if you are unsure of how to choose one. What may be a good match for a buddy may not be a good match for you, so think about the following points before making a selection.

Recognize the Different Types of Travel Club Memberships

Membership clubs differ in that some only accept single enrollments while others allow family enrollments. In most circumstances, you will be charged an additional cost if you want to utilize your membership for your immediate family.

Although a few membership organizations provide lifetime membership cards, the bulk of newer programmes only provide monthly or annual memberships.

What Kinds of Discounts Do They Provide?

Finding out what kind of discounts they give should be your initial goal. The majority of membership clubs are Closed Loop schemes, which means that the only way to see the savings is to join. They are unable to display the discounts to the general public or potential members.

Consider the case of hotel discounts. Assume you operate a hotel and you have promotional pricing that you are promoting on sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and others. Then you come across someone who is selling your inventory for a 10–80% discount. What would your reaction be? As a hotel owner, you’d be irritated, right?

Most membership organizations have to keep their discounts hidden behind locked doors so that search engines don’t index them and make them public.

A few firms, such as Hotels Etc., will provide you with a demo account so that you can try the system before joining. However, the vast majority of travel membership clubs will refuse to do so because they are unsure of their own discounts.

Personally, I would not join a membership club until I saw the mechanism in action. When demonstrating a system, keep the following in mind. Do not enter the system with the sole intention of “Finding your next holiday at a discount.” You should examine the system with an open mind and consider a variety of qualities, discounts, and other factors to ensure that you will benefit in the long term.

Although most people crave quick gratification and expect to get what they want right away, this could have long-term consequences for you.

Kumara Parvatha Trek: Complete Guide


Kumara Parvatha trek has Rocky trails with verdant greenery, ancient caves, puffy clouds. You don’t want to miss this curated experience. Located in Somwarpet of Coorg, the Kumara Parvatha is famously known as Pushpagiri. At the height of 1,502 meters above sea level. The second highest peak in Coorg. One of the most challenging trek routes in Coorg. If you want to experience thrill, adventure, and adrenaline rush Kumara Parvatha trek is best for you. The trek is surrounded by dense forests, large volcanic boulders, thick blankets of clouds. The best time for the visit is between October to March. You can witness attractive views at their best. 

Trek Distance

The Kumara Parvatha trek is a 22 km long trek. At a distance of 258 km away from Bangalore. The two day trek begins at Kukke Subrahmanya Temple of Subrahmanya Village.  Kumara Parvatha trek is a difficult trek. You will cover 5,600 ft in two days above sea level. The Kumara Parvatha trail is divided into three spots and they are: 

  • Forest section to Bhattara Mane Forest 
  • Bhattara Mane Forest to Shesha Parvatha
  • Shesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha Peak

Height of Kumara Parvatha

The Kumara Parvatha is located at 4,930 ft high above sea level. It is the sixth highest peak in Karnataka and is not suitable for beginners. 

How to get there?

Before you go for this trek make sure that you are at the peak of your fitness level. It will be best for you to work on your fitness, core strength. You can reach the base of the trek through rail, vehicle, or public transport. 

Nearest Railway Stations

  • Mysore Junction Railway Station 
  • Hassan Railway Station 
  • Express you can take Hubli Express, Karwar Express, and Bangalore Mysore Express. 

Nearest Airports

  • Kanpur International Airport 
  • Mangalore International Airport 


You can reach there by bus as many public and private buses go there every day. For tourists who are traveling by trains, cabs can cover the distance between station and base point. Google Maps is best for Self-driving tourists. The parking fee is Nominal. 

Places where you can stay 

Because it is a two-day trek there are many campsites and homestays here. You can build a camp in Bhattara Mane Forest. Shesha Kutir and Gahanashree Cottage are famous homestay options. 

Trek Routes

Somwarpet route 

This route starts from Beedhalli. In this trek, you will trek along the shola forest. The route is exhausting. You will witness rare and exotic wildlife on this trek. 

Kukke Subramanya Route 

Kukke Subramanya route is long. Trek is rugged and dense. If you want to stay camping overnight. For staying, permission from the forest department is required.

Trek route: Basepoint – Kallu Mandap – Shesha Parvatha. 

Things you can do


For wildlife photography permission of the forest department is required. You don’t need permission for taking pictures of water streams, grasslands, ancient caves, shrines, and beautiful views. 


The trek is surrounded by a forest. Camping is not possible on this trek but you can build your camp in Bhattara Mane Forest. Take a camping tent and other essentials with you. 

Cave Exploration 

There are ancient caves at Kumara Parvatha. Famous for Mythological significance, Biladunara cave is a must-visit spot. Lord Vasuki hid in this cave from the anger of Garuda. During Nag Panchami devotees come here in big numbers. 


The mesmerizing view of Blue Sky and Shades of greenery from Shesha Parvatha is the view you don’t want to miss. 

Explore the Wildlife 

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit place. This sanctuary is home to exotic animals and birds. 

Spiritual Relaxation 

Kukke Subramanya – the start of the trek is not only famous among trekkers but also among devotees who visit Kukke Subramanya Temple. 

Enjoy Natural Beauty 

Abbey Falls is a famous and must-visit spot. You can enjoy the crisp air around here. You will feel relaxed here. 

Beginners – should try out easier treks to train themselves. Take essential things with you. Plan your trek neatly. 

Things to carry

  • First Aid Kit 
  • Identity Card 
  • Cap/ Scarf & Sunglasses 
  • Water 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Snacks 
  • Whistle 
  • T-Shirts 
  • Sleeping Bag 
  • Tent 

Best Resort Near Bangalore For Team Outing



Bangalore is a very famous city in Karnataka. It is a very popular city in India . The views of Bangalore are very famous and attractive. It is a very beautiful hill station. There are so many Gardens to see. Many tourist spots come under this city. This place has an awesome experience for people travelling. Many adventure parks come to this city. You can go there with your families, friends and also with a team. This place is designed beautifully for couples.  Couples enjoy themselves there with their loved ones. There are so many Resorts. Every resort has amazing facilities , some are luxury resorts. The night views of Bangalore are so beautiful to see. This city comes under the fourth most expensive city in India. This is a very famous hill station for tourists. Many famous hills belong to Bangalore. The Nature of Bangalore is so pretty. Their food is so famous and tasty. It’s culture and language is so amazing. Many famous places belong there. The views of Bangalore are so amazing, especially night views. The night View looks so beautiful. Their scenery is so amazing. The beauty of Bangalore is very famous all over India. Their night scenery is  beautiful. People called Bangalore the city of silicon. The most famous sweet in Bangalore is Kayi Holige.The famous Shivoham Shiva temple is very popular in Bangalore. Bangalore is a very attractive destination in India. 

Resorts In Bangalore

Bangalore is a famous city all over India, especially their resorts. The Bangalore resorts are so amazing to see. These resorts are full of many adventures and things to do. These resorts have beautiful gardens. These resorts are well. Furnished and equipped with all the facilities. The resorts in Bangalore are so expensive.

Wonderla Resort

The Wonderla resort is the best for a family group trip. You can enjoy them with your families and is also perfect for team outings. You can stay there with your team for a one day trip or many more days and enjoy the trip with all the facilities. You can discuss everything with your team and have some fun in this beautiful resort.

There are lots of fun adventure parks, pools, toy rides, water slides, fountains and many more things to enjoy with your families. The room’s facilities are too good. And all the rooms are so big according to families.

Shilhaandara Resort

The Shilhaandara resort is a perfect destination for team outings. There are so many amazing rides for the team.  This resort has some special rooms for team’s. The Shilandra resort is famous for their art and sports. The beauty of this resort is so beautiful to see. The Nature of this resort is so amazing. The experience is like no other one in Karnataka you can feel.

Holiday Village Resort

Holiday village resort is perfectly designed for team outings. You may go there with your families and friends. This resort is fully furnished with green grass. It is a perfect place for a one day outing in Bangalore. It is a good option for travelers. This resort offers the facilities of an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center,spa and wellness center. 

Guhantara Resort

When you stay in this resort you feel like you are living out of the world. The lake is so beautiful. It is designed by wood and the beauty of this resort is so amazing. The peaceful setting of this resort is so commendable. It is a cave resort on Kanakapura road. It is one of the best day outings in Bangalore for family outing. This resort is full of adventure like – Bungee , Trampoline,

Rope walk e.t.c. some games are also including in this resort like – Football , Foosball  , smooker, cricket e.t.c

Golden Palm Resort

The Golden Palm resort is a very beautiful resort. You can enjoy it there with your  team. There are so many rooms. This resort is famous for its garden and plant’s. The view of this garden looks so pretty in the evening because of the lighting. It is located around 29km from forum mall,and all the rooms are so big.

Chairman’s Resort

The Chairman’s resort is a perfect resort for outings with family in Bangalore. This resort presents the best services in any way. The rooms of this resort are so big and we’ll furnished. This 5 star hotel is equipped with all the modern facilities. The Bangalore place and Cubbon Park- is near this resort.

Taj Bangalore

Taj Bangalore is a 5 star luxury hotel in Bangalore.The decor of this resort is so expensive and the design of this hotel is so amazing and fine. The interior of this hotel is so expensive. This hotel comes under a very expensive hotel in bangalore.it is a perfect destination to go with family, friends and also team outings.

Top Treks to do Near Bengaluru


Benagluru is known as Air Conditioned due to its location which is 1000 m. above sea level. The weather in Bengaluru is almost always pleasant which makes it favourable for camping and trekking. The hillocks of Western Ghats are unpredictable, unyielding and steep which resulted in challenging trek trails for trekkers. These ranges in Western Ghats are not  snow capped or as mighty as HImalayas yet they offer a spectacular view of the green valleys and steep difficult, inspiring terrain. 

Trekkers living in Bengaluru or trekkers from all over India who are up for difficult treks, grab your water bottle. It is time to climb the mountain after climbing the stairs of the office.  

Narayangiri Trek

Starting off with an Easy trek, Narayangiri. Narayangiri is located at a distance of just 61 kms from Bengaluru main city. This region is famous for its night treks. There is also a waterbody nearby for kayaking. Narayangiri is a small hillock fit for a one day trek. Its flat open hilltop is perfect to watch the sunset with a panoramic view of the whole town Ramanagaram.

Nandi Hills

When it comes to legendary Nandi Hills, one should definitely pay a visit if you are in Bengaluru. These historical hills are located not more than 65 kms from Bengaluru. One can commence their trek from the southern path as the northern path might be preoccupied by bikers and cyclists.  There are points like Tipu’s Drop, Sunrise point and a Yoga Nandishwara temple at the hilltop. The elevation of this hill is 1478 m above sea level.

Savandurga Trek

Adding to the list of Easy treks is Savandurga. Savandurga is situated 47 kms away from Bengaluru city centre. Savandurga offers awesome views of the green valleys partially covered with white clouds. You can begin your trek as early as 6 am! The perfectly carved granite hills depriving any plant life feels like a virtually made hill. It is 1207 m elevated and 10m in circumference. There is Shri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple near Savandurga. If you are still hungry for this breathtaking view you can opt to camp in Vagabond Camp which is located right at the foothills of Savandurga.

❔Did you know❔

 This was a summer fort of Tipu Sultan, the British and now the Bengaluruans.

Bheemeshwari Trek

Adding to the difficulty level of treks, Bheemeshwari trek is located 105 kms away from Bengaluru. Certain parts of the climb can be demanding but the view at the hill top is like a dream. The surroundings are embedded with thick dense forests, greenlands, and wildlife species. If you can’t have enough of Bheemeshwari, there are nature camps, lake, river, wildlife sanctuaries nearby to explore the region. 

Apart from these, there are renowned hillocks like Devarayandurga famous for its natural water spring called Namada Chilume. It is around 71 km from Bengaluru. Also, Siddara Betta which is a treasure trove of natural wonders. There is a natural spring on top of the hillock  from where ice cold water gushes out and has medicinal value. This herbal treasure is 100 km away from Bengaluru city. More of the difficult treks include; Kunti Betta, Anthargange and Skandagiri HIll. 

There is also a fishing camp near Bengaluru within 100 kms. This camp is called Cauvery Fishing Camp which is in Bheemeshwari on the banks of River Cauvery. Set amidst  sylvan and aesthetic surroundings with the green countryside merging magically with every green tent, the camp is a dream come true for many anglers. Trekking your way 6 kms from Bheemeshwari takes you to the enchanting Doddamakali. Galibore is yet another fishing camp which is located 16 kms away from here. Raft down the rapids of Cauvery or simply go wild on corade. While trekking, don’t forget to visit the ruins of the magnificent sculpted Shiva Temple.

Florida Natural Wonders: Abid Godil lists 5 must-see travel destinations


Winter has arrived. It’s time to head south.

Hoping to escape the cold, many vacationers flock to Florida each year. After all, it’s known as “The Sunshine State” for a reason. But, the state provides much more than beaches and theme parks. Florida is full of natural beauty, like waterfalls, coral reefs, and springs.

Abid Godil wants to help you make the most of what the state has to offer. As President of Pro Vacation Group, he is skilled at matching travelers with breathtaking vacation excursions. And, based in Orlando, FL, he knows that state better than most.

Without snow or ice to slow you down, Abid Godil can create a personalized trip so you can experience these natural wonders for yourself. The agent shares five places to visit in Florida.

Everglades National Park

Any list of Florida destinations would be incomplete without acknowledging the Everglades. Sprawling across more than one million acres, this national park is the biggest tropical wilderness in the entire country. Visit to take in the area’s biological diversity. While there is plenty to see and do, you’ll bask in its serenity and calmness.

Devil’s Den

As its name implies, Devil’s Den is both mysterious and awe-inspiring. Located in central Florida, the attraction is formed by a karst window. Essentially, it’s a pre-historic, subterranean river whose roof collapsed and exposed the spring to the surface. Now privately owned, it’s operated as a scuba training facility in addition to recreational use. This is popular amongst tourists. Abid Godil encourages you to plan and reserve a spot.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Nestled in the Florida Keys, this park was the first underwater park in the U.S. With unabated views of the coral reef, it’s ideal for snorkeling or scuba. But, you don’t have to get wet to enjoy the views. The park features tours with boats that have glass bottoms. Guests are treated to picturesque views of local marine life too. It’s one of the state’s most popular parks.

Falling Waters State Park

Florida’s biggest natural waterfall resides in Chipley, along the state’s panhandle. It rushes over 70 feet into a massive sinkhole. While impressive, there is variation in how much it flows. Depending on recent rainfall, Abid Godil cautions that the stream may be reduced to a mere trickle. To avoid popping in on a dry day, he recommends calling ahead.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

White, sandy beaches are a trademark here in Florida. That’s what makes the rocky coastline at Blowing Rocks Preserve so unique. These large formations are created by limestone jutting out into the ocean. When water hits the rocks, spray can jet up to 50 feet in the air. While this is present in other parts of Florida, this preserve on Juniper Island is the largest along the state’s east coast.

Travel Essentials You Should Pack During the Pandemic


With more and more people getting vaccinated, travel is gradually opening up in some places. Travelling is a lot easier now than before and for people who are vaccinated, they could now go to some selected countries unlike before. 

However, travelling these days aren’t the same years ago before the pandemic. You need to take precautionary measures now such as wearing a mask and getting tested for the virus before and after your journey. This is to protect other people you are with while travelling and your loved ones as well when you arrive at your destination. 

If you’re planning to travel, here are some of the essentials you should pack in your safety kit no matter where you’re going. 


Wearing a mask when going out has become a normal part of life when the pandemic broke out. Although it is not 100% comfortable wearing mask all day, it is essential to protect you from the virus when social distancing is limited such as standing in lines or riding a public transport. When travelling, you need to pack several pieces of adult masks in your safety kit. It pays a lot to have extras so you don’t have to go find a new one in case the one you’re using is broken. 

If you’re travelling with children, you should also bring masks that are specially designed for kids since adult masks are too big for their face. The fit of the mask is important to give the maximum protection to the wearer. Some kids are resistant to wear a mask making it a more challenging task to parents. Because of this, some kid’s masks have character designs and cute patterns to make them more appealing to children and increase the chances of being worn. 

Face Shields

A face shield is not a substitute for a face mask. However, it adds an extra layer of protection when someone sneezes or coughs in your direction especially in closed spaces. Aside from that, wearing a face protector shield also serves as a reminder not to touch your face especially when you’re in a public space. This helps in decreasing the rate of transmission of the virus when you’re wearing a complete protective gear. Be sure to pack a pair of them in your travel safety kit just to be ready when the need arises. 

COVID-19 Home Test Kit

Getting tested for the virus before travelling and upon arrival is already a standard protocol when travelling these days. Although you can just buy one when you arrive, it would be more convenient if you already have it in your bag. 

Disinfectant Products

It is important to sanitize regularly these days – from washing your hands regularly to sanitizing high touch surfaces before using them. Be sure you have packed all the essential disinfectant products you’ll need such as soap, sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. 

Before travelling, see to it that your travel safety kit is complete before taking off into your journey.