Donald Dirren Discusses How Travel Is Expected to Change in 2022


Avid traveller Donald Dirren recently discussed how travel is expected to change in 2022.

PHOENIX, ARIZ. / DEC. 10, 2021 / The travel industry is expected to see a significant boom in 2022. Avid traveler Donald Dirren recently discussed what travellers could expect while travelling in the new year.

“Individuals in the travel industry are gearing up for a busy 2022,” Donald Dirren said. “Many are predicting travel in 2022 to reach beyond pre-pandemic levels.”

Dirren explained that this could be seen by the astronomically high number of holiday travellers this year. Air travel this holiday season is expected to be up 80 per cent over last year.

“People are reaching their limits,” Dirren said. “They want to visit loved ones and experience the many benefits of travel.”

Donald Dirren explained that a nearly two-year-long pause on travel has made people incredibly antsy. They want to experience new cultures, taste new foods, and relax by a pool in a tropical setting.

The Popularity of Domestic Travel

An increase in travel doesn’t mean people will necessarily be flying around the globe. Domestic travel is expected to remain extremely popular in 2022. Studies have shown that domestic-only travel may remain most popular, but nearly 37 per cent of Americans plan to travel domestically and abroad in 2022. Flight searches have multiplied in recent months, signalling that people are starting to plan.

Going Big

Travellers are showing a desire to go big with their travels in 2022. The uncertainty of the past couple of years has increased my desire to check items off the bucket list.

The recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorization of vaccines for kids has also made family trips seem more feasible and safe.

“Travel restrictions are beginning to ease due to rising vaccination numbers,” Donald Dirren said. “People are eager to head to the countries they wanted to visit before the pandemic shut them down.”

Dirren stated that people are eager for new experiences after so much time stuck indoors.

Economic Growth

The return of travel means economic growth for many tourist destinations in the United States and abroad. Experts have suggested a roughly 228 per cent growth in spending is expected internationally due to travel this upcoming year. The recent reopening of the U.S. border to foreign is expected to bring about a resurgence in the economy and travel-related jobs.

“Individuals working in the travel industry have been sitting by the sidelines, even when many jobs went online, and people returned to work from home,” Dirren said. “Tour guides, hotel workers, and others couldn’t perform their jobs at all if nobody was travelling. These people are ready for this boom that will likely send many of them back to work.”

Advice from Donald Dirren

Donald Dirren explained it remains vital that those who take to the skies in 2022 are respectful of COVID regulations where they’re heading. They should also remain vigilant about washing hands, mask use, and other steps to combat the spread of the virus while travelling.

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