Event Catering – Uncover Its 5 Major Types

Many people think planning an event may be difficult, and preparing the food can be one of the most difficult tasks, too. Different types of catering services might help you organize a successful event for your guests or offer top-notch meals for clients or employees.

Planning an event requires you to take the time to fully comprehend all the options so you can make the best decision. If you want to make the best decisions and book a service that suits you, below are a few major types of catering services.

1.      Banquet Catering

Banquet catering is a very common event catering option. It entails serving numerous dishes to guests in a buffet-style setting, with time between courses for people to walk around and exchange words. Banquet catering gives the host control over the cuisine and preparation while also allowing the guests to choose what they want to eat.

Furthermore, it is often less expensive than other catering types. If you are looking to arrange a get-together in Honolulu, HI, then you must consider investing in banquet catering honolulu, hi. This way, you can avail of the special meals that people can eat together as per their likings.

2.      Corporate Food Service

At commercial and corporate events, corporate catering offers food and beverages. The size and level of formality of the event you wish to host will also affect how much corporate catering will cost.

From onsite, modest corporate get-togethers like meetings to offsite, elegant dinners and big celebrations, these events could include a wide range of options.

If you’re going to arrange a corporate event in Perth, then instead of booking a slot in any restaurant, you must look for a trusted partner in terms of catering perth. By doing so, you can save more money while offering quality and finger-licking cuisines. 

3.      Buffet Catering

A variety of dishes, both hot and cold, are arranged on spacious tables for guests to select from during buffet catering. The visitors at your event will approach the buffet line to serve themselves from the dish or dishes that they pick. Usually, these dishes will be arranged in a line.

This form of catering service is catching on for both corporate and social events since it allows guests to interact more freely. It may also be less expensive and faster to serve than a more formal sit-down meal.

4.      Social Event Catering

Social events are typically more personal affairs that require more attention to detail from your caterer. Birthday parties, retirement celebrations, grand openings, housewarming parties, and bridal and baby showers are all examples of special occasions included in this category.

A social event catering package may include appetizers, decor, bartenders, and servers, as well as a full menu. Catering menus for social gatherings vary from party to party based on guest numbers and preferences of hosts.

5.      Office Delivery Catering

When you order delivery catering, the caterer cooks the food at a place outside of your office, packs it in disposable containers, and transports it to your workspace on your behalf. Usually, the customer places the order online, over the phone, or via a mobile app.

Once the meal is delivered, they pay for the catering. One of the most popular uses for office delivery catering is ordering lunches for meetings.