How to start spearfishing?

The distinctive underwater sport of spearfishing is well known and popular across the globe. This activity can be for you if you like swimming or diving and want to fish in a new, more engaging way. Although it’s not quite as simple as donning a diving suit & packing a spear, this article will help you on your journey to become a competent spearfisher. You can also hire a yacht for a better fishing experience.

  • Learn how to Spearfish 

You’re probably thinking that right now, and you are 100 percent correct. Right now, nothing is preventing you from precisely doing that, especially if you’re a skilled free diver or scuba diver. However, especially if you possess some expertise in either of these three, adding the challenges of utilizing weapons and pursuing prey make it a whole other ballgame. As a result, you’ll need to get some instruction to spearfish effectively and safely. 

  • Purchase a fishing license 

You’ve probably previously heard about the laws governing spearfishing if you want to fish in the vicinity of where you took your diving instruction. It is important to ask the correct people and get your own fishing license or permission in order to avoid incurring harsh penalties for fishing in prohibited areas. 

  • Create a First Mission Plan 

To begin with, it’s generally preferable to hunt in locations where your fellow spearfisher has already gone hunting so they can advise you on what to anticipate. They may give you a briefing on the species of fish that are often found there, which ones are safe to kill and eat, the unique spearfishing equipment you’ll need for that location, any hazards such as sharks. 

  • Get Appropriate Equipment 

Now comes the enjoyable part: purchasing your spearfishing gear. They mostly comprise the same equipment you are using for snorkeling or diving, with the addition of hunting gear. Figure out precisely what you’ll need by asking your fellow spearfishing enthusiasts and doing your own study.  

To provide you with an idea, the speargun you’ll need for low-visibility locations and for hunting tiny reef fish would only measure around 75 cm to 100 cm; nevertheless, it’s absolutely OK to start out with a weapon that is only 55 cm short. For smaller to medium-sized fish, an only one speargun will do. 

  • Learn to Swim in Shallow Waters 

You should initially practice utilizing the correct spearfishing method in shallow seas where you are not concerned about the risks of scuba diving and using the speargun quite yet to get more comfortable about spearfishing. 

Practice the “stalking” approach, where you remain above water and chase fish that really are just beneath the surface, with the appropriate clothing on and a pole spear on your hand. As long as you are able to quickly puncture fish from where you are, you may be sitting in the waters or on the rocks. You’ll eventually learn the various habits of various fish after a few trials. 

  • Learn more about your Speargun 

Before you enter the water with a speargun when you feel you are ready to use one, make sure you are comfortable with the fundamentals of loading, aiming, and shooting the weapon. This is necessary if you wish to spearfish for the first time in a safe manner and function well underwater. 

  • Improve Your Aim 

Divers use different aiming techniques. Some people just need to aim and fire. Others use a particular method that is effective for them, such as aiming all along side of a gun to have more control over the vertical axis. Use the strategy that works best for both you and your chosen weapon while sighting in and aiming.

Follow all these tips and you can be an expert in spearfishing.

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