Travel Essentials You Should Pack During the Pandemic

With more and more people getting vaccinated, travel is gradually opening up in some places. Travelling is a lot easier now than before and for people who are vaccinated, they could now go to some selected countries unlike before. 

However, travelling these days aren’t the same years ago before the pandemic. You need to take precautionary measures now such as wearing a mask and getting tested for the virus before and after your journey. This is to protect other people you are with while travelling and your loved ones as well when you arrive at your destination. 

If you’re planning to travel, here are some of the essentials you should pack in your safety kit no matter where you’re going. 


Wearing a mask when going out has become a normal part of life when the pandemic broke out. Although it is not 100% comfortable wearing mask all day, it is essential to protect you from the virus when social distancing is limited such as standing in lines or riding a public transport. When travelling, you need to pack several pieces of adult masks in your safety kit. It pays a lot to have extras so you don’t have to go find a new one in case the one you’re using is broken. 

If you’re travelling with children, you should also bring masks that are specially designed for kids since adult masks are too big for their face. The fit of the mask is important to give the maximum protection to the wearer. Some kids are resistant to wear a mask making it a more challenging task to parents. Because of this, some kid’s masks have character designs and cute patterns to make them more appealing to children and increase the chances of being worn. 

Face Shields

A face shield is not a substitute for a face mask. However, it adds an extra layer of protection when someone sneezes or coughs in your direction especially in closed spaces. Aside from that, wearing a face protector shield also serves as a reminder not to touch your face especially when you’re in a public space. This helps in decreasing the rate of transmission of the virus when you’re wearing a complete protective gear. Be sure to pack a pair of them in your travel safety kit just to be ready when the need arises. 

COVID-19 Home Test Kit

Getting tested for the virus before travelling and upon arrival is already a standard protocol when travelling these days. Although you can just buy one when you arrive, it would be more convenient if you already have it in your bag. 

Disinfectant Products

It is important to sanitize regularly these days – from washing your hands regularly to sanitizing high touch surfaces before using them. Be sure you have packed all the essential disinfectant products you’ll need such as soap, sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. 

Before travelling, see to it that your travel safety kit is complete before taking off into your journey. 

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