The Importance of Kundali Matching Before Marriage

Marriage, as they say, is a turning point in the life of an individual. It is an inevitable step according to Hindu mythology and everyone should marry. The idea of settling down in life has been deep-rooted by our parents in India. Once you grow up, you are supposed to get married and start a family of your own. To start a family and build a life, you need a partner. The concept of arranged marriages is still quite prominent in Indian culture. Even though the percentage of love marriages is ever-increasing, the good-old way is still prevalent.

Most parents feel it is their responsibility to seek out a good partner for their child. It could be through friends, family, or even an astrology app. Because who knows a child better than parents? So what happens next when parents do find a suitable match for their child? If the parents find the family and the potential partner for their child suitable, they will go for horoscope matching or Kundali matching.

What is Kundali Matching?

Kundali matching is the process wherein the natal charts of two different individuals are studied for future compatibility and marriage. In this process, planetary positions and their combinations are assessed and analyzed to predict the future and life of the potential couple. In addition, the planetary movements and combinations are studied individually as well.

Kundali or Janam-Kundali is the natal chart of an individual that is prepared during the time of birth. It has details like the exact time and place of birth. A Janam-Kundali tells a lot about a person. If read properly or closely studied, it can throw light on the strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, and future predictions of the person. All these detailed insights are important while fixing a marriage. According to my astrologer, a kundali acts like a mirror for an individual. Through these studies and findings, the future compatibility, wisdom, health, and wealth of the couple are predicted.

Importance of Kundali Matching

According to Hindu Mythology, marriage is the sacred union of two souls. It is a lifelong partnership between two compatible individuals. In the Hindu culture, marriage is the ultimate way of settling down in life. It is an inevitable step for every individual and is done with grand celebrations. Every parent wants to see their children happy and settled down in life. This is the reason why people always rely on reliable sources when seeking a partner for their children.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future but with the help of Kundali matching, one can at least secure a part of it. There should be some level of compatibility between the couple for them to be able to spend the rest of their lives together. If the couple is not compatible, they may not be able to face situations or circumstances ahead in life. Many incompatible couples head for divorce in the future. To prevent such instances, Kundali matching is done. Kundali matching helps make these future predictions and estimations. In addition, it also offers remedies in case there are any predictable faults.

Conclusions of Kundali Matching

Kundali matching or compatibility testing has three types of conclusions. The matching is done to determine if the two individuals are compatible and suitable for each other. The three types of conclusions that come from these matchings include:

  • When two different individuals are compatible and suitable for each other, it is a win-win situation.
  • When two different individuals are compatible but not suitable for each other.
  • When two different individuals are not at all compatible and not suitable for each.

Based on the conclusions drawn from these readings and matchings, it is decided whether it would be fruitful to move forward or not. If the results are positive, an auspicious date and time are determined for the marriage.

Benefits of Kundali Matching

  • Physical and Mental Compatibility: Kundali matching can help determine the physical and mental compatibility of two different people. The planetary positions and alignment in the natal chart of both these individuals can represent their behavioral patterns, interests, hobbies, attitude, and mindsets. Kundali matching involves testing the 36 Gunas. Based on the results, the level of compatibility is determined.
  • Compatibility for Bearing Children: With the help of Kundali matching, it is also possible to check the compatibility for bearing children. Through this, we can determine the health and happiness of the child. In addition, kundali matching also helps in determining the health of the couple. It can also indicate the problems that may befall the couple. The level of attraction and desirability is also indicated.
  • Financial Compatibility: When two people get tied in the sacred union of marriage, the celestial bodies affect both their lives. The financial compatibility of the couple can be determined through kundali matching. It can be checked whether the couple will enjoy financial stability or not.


Despite people dismissing Kundali matching as a superstition, the concept is backed by logic and science. It can be used to determine several aspects of the marriage once two people are tied. This is how kundali matching works and this article perfectly defines its importance.

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