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Kasol is a trekking paradise in Himachal Pradesh in the middle of the Parvati Valley. The Parvati River flowed beside like a necklace of pearls in Kasol delivers an experience of beautiful green slopes. This location is visited by trekkers and nature enthusiasts from around the world. And many of them prefer to remain surprisingly. In the Parvati Valley, Kheerganga Trek is the most popular trek.

You are caught up in Kasol’s beauty. The quantity of Israeli settlers suggests that Kasol has equal importance between foreigners and Indians. This is the sky. Though a recent crackdown on numerous commercial camps in Kheerganga was carried out pursuant to a court ruling, its popularity was not affected.

Kheerganga Trek

Almost everything in the town of Tosh is serenely filled with thermal sources of Manikaran, Kheerganga, Parvati River. You will see raw nature flourishing in the valley on the walks from Kasol. Kasol is a place where you live by respecting nature, and near villages like Tosh and Malana. Nature here isn’t intimidated by people, it coexists. Take a break from urban sins and spend some time in the valley. The Kasol and Parvati valleys are also a jewel of a tourist destination especially if you are interested in adventure, with numerous waterfalls, hot spring pools, snowcapped peaks all around, and exquisite green forest.

Details about Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga (Khirganga) will be his seat if God lives here. The valley is a crown-joy among all of Kasol’s other hikes. The most popular of Kasol treks is Kheerganga. The hot springs at 2950 mt. or 13000 ft. are a walk of 7-8 hours. You will reach the hot spring in Kheerganga once you have done the rough terrain. Take a swim in the warm water and you’ll be washed away from all your concerns and aches!

From Barshani, the hike begins. By road from Kasol, we reach Barshai. From then begins the actual hike to Kheerganga. From Barshani a trail leads to the town of Tosh, 3 miles from Barshaini.

There’s no practicable or advisable day trip to Kheerganga. If you’re an expert, you can surely go for it, just start early. The total distance to Kheerganga is 12-13 km, no matter the route you pick.

Best Time for Kheerganga Trek

The nearly all-year-round accessibility is a reason why Kasol and Kheerganga Trek are so popular. Kheerganga is available most of the year, with the exception of a few weeks of peak winter. Kheerganga is hard to walk during the monsoons. The trail is still passable for skilled hikers. The greatest period for the walk is from April to November, while April/May and September/October are the absolute finest months.

Other Treks near Kasol & Kheerganga

The core of several unbelievable excursions is Kasol. There are nearly five internationally notable hiking destinations starting in Kasol. Nearly everyone will aid you to become enlightened! It is a site where you may put a tent and explore all the adjacent stunning villages in the Chandrachani Pass, the psychedelic village Tosh, a mysterious village of Malana. Otherwise, you will be able to spend a night camping by the Parvati river to keep the whole village mourning.

1) Kheerganga & Tosh Trek

When you come to Tosh you will be faced with the magnificent Himalayas clothed in snow. The town of Tosh will look like an obedient grandson underneath from above. There is nothing here save huge pine trees and lush wetlands. The town gives you a feeling of serenity and tranquility. When you go, your heart will shatter through the nice villagers and the cool climate.

You might arrange a Tosh walk or keep on walking from Kheerganga to Tosh. You will walk from Kheerganga for a day if you have an interest in the latter and reach the Tosh in the dark. After a night at the resort, you can get up to discover the hamlet the next day and learn a distinct culture.

2) Unexplored Kuala Village Trek via Tosh

Kuala is a raw and peaceful settlement in the heart of the highlands, where you may appreciate natural nature. A two-hour walk from Tosh to the verdant meadow of the Kulta Village, through the tight trail. The Himalayan peaks are bordered by snow-capped peaks. This town is like a Himalayan gem only hidden from your sight. But spare yourself a little sweat and enjoy the fresh air and magnificent vistas of this unknown beauty!

3) Kheerganga and Buni Buni Pass Trek

If you like to go less along Kheerganga and Kasol, it is an excellent choice to take Buni Buni Pass. It is a few hours farther from Kheerganga and in the early winter and summer there is a decent probability of still finding snow in Kheerganga and there is no snow in it. There are rarely any other trekkers in the path during the trip to the Buni Buni Pass and in the campground, there would be more people. The trail of the Trek crosses through the forest of Kheerganga and Buni Buni. The trail leads to a huge open area, affording an excellent view of the Parvati valley below. This is the journey to take you to the hills of Himachal, in search of peace.

How difficult is the Kheerganga trek?

Under normal conditions, the Kheerganga trek is moderate. It is by no means a cake. The trekking trip during the day is likewise no less at a distance of about 14 kilometers. But the path gradient is not very steep and you can easily cover the distance before evening if you start in time.

During the winter and monsoon season, the conditions are hard as they usually are. But it becomes easy if you are properly prepared to wear and equipment.

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