5 Things You Need to Bring on the Plane for a Comfortable Flight 

For many people, flying is a test of endurance, especially when we’re talking about long flights in a packed economy class with crying babies and seat neighbors that just can’t seem to understand the concept of private space. However, there are a few things that you can bring on the plane to make this experience a better one or at least keep yourself occupied while in the air. 

Compression socks 

One of the biggest disadvantages of a long flight is that it doesn’t give you the freedom of movement, especially if you don’t have an aisle seat, which can result in swollen legs and feet. This is where compression socks come in handy, as these garments help increase blood circulation and thus reduce swelling. Thankfully you can find plenty of them on Amazon and for just as little as $15 you can easily make any flight more comfortable. 

Noise canceling headphones 

If I could only bring one thing to the place, it would definitely be a pair of high-quality noise canceling headphones. They will be your trusted friends that will save you from being bothered by the hum of the engines, the noise of the service carts, or the loud passengers. While some people prefer earplugs, I don’t find them that effective; plus, headphones allow you to listen to music or watch movies which can be important for those who are afraid of flying and want to distract themselves. 

Knit cardigan 

Airplanes always tend to be on the cooler side, and us women are particularly sensitive to the sudden drop of temperatures, so I always make sure to have a knit cardigan when boarding. Irish knit cardigans are my favorite because of the merino wool that they’re made of, as it provides great insulation and can keep you warm all flight on. Websites as ShamrockGift has a beautiful collection of knit cardigans, as well as many other Irish women’s clothing so that you can stay both comfy and stylish on the plane. 


If covid taught us one thing, it is that we need to keep a sanitizer on us at all times, so you need to make sure to pack one for the flight. Not only that, but a well-equipped toiletry pouch can be a true life-savor to make you feel clean and moisturized even at 30,000 feet. It needs to include some essential items like the above-mentioned sanitizer, a moisturizing cream or a sheet mask to combat the dehydrated cabin air, a toothbrush, a toothpaste, and other things you might need to freshen yourself up during the flight. 


Lastly, let’s not forget about the entertainment part. If you’re one of those people that can’t fall asleep on the plane but you have a long flight ahead, load up your tablet, Kindle, or phone with your favorite movies, shows, and books beforehand. This will not only keep you occupied, but also make you feel less anxious and give you some time to finish that novel that you’ve been procrastinating on or listen to the podcast that you’ve downloaded months ago and never got the chance to enjoy. 

Master Henry
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