5 Ideas That Will Make Your Next Camping Trip a Breeze

Camping in itself is one fantastic activity! Even complete novices can find themselves having a brilliant time with minimal experience. There are, however, a few incredibly handy tips, tricks and ideas that are going to make your entire camping process all the more fun and infinitely easier! Here are a few clever ideas for smooth sailing outdoor adventures, no matter how practiced you might be…

Pre-Chopping and Preparing Your Meals

Properly preparing your meals saves you so much time and trouble at the campground! This is probably one of the easiest tips to implement, and yet so many campers leave their meal planning to the wayside only to majorly regret it once rustic dinnertime rolls around, says Sherpa.com.au. Pre chop and decant all of the ingredients you need for each of your meals to save yourself an awful lot of effort with camp kitchen gear – it’s just not the same. You can even pre cook and freeze a couple of cheeky meals to have some instant grub ready to go on those evenings when you’re just having too much fun to stop and cook, or for when you’re flat out exhausted from your day of outside antics.

Save with Solar Lighting

Packing yourself plenty of lighting is essential for an enjoyable and safe stint at the campground, forgetting lights is a big first timer’s blunder! A great trick to try out is investing in some eco-friendly, ever so convenient solar lights. These will naturally charge up whilst you’re out living your best outdoors life, ready to be used when the sun goes down. Just be sure to charge them up for a bit before you set off, just in case you get to your site a little later than you planned!

Plan a Day of Orienteering

An action packed day of orienteering is a fantastic way to bond with your camping clan and really dive into the location you’re camping in, says Wikihow. This is also a really great way of spending a cloudy or dreary day, which inevitably happens from time to time no matter what time of year you choose to camp. Pack yourself some old school maps, whistles, compass, plenty of sun protection, snacks, water and walking boots to get exploring! The best thing about orienteering is that you get to add a competitive edge to your hiking and wandering – great for big groups, families or for getting to know your site neighbours!

Invest in The Right Gear

This is the one that’s going to make the biggest long term impact on your overall camping lifestyle, so listen up! Investing in a camper trailer is a guaranteed means of boosting the comfort, convenience, safety, fun and quality of every single camping trip here on out. You can find trailers in all shapes and sizes, hard floor, soft floor, off road drive, forward fold, rear fold, dual fold, big, small – you name it! If you’re looking for fun, freedom, security, protection and long term comfort, then it is high time you started exploring your options for camper trailers.

Oh, and make sure you wear the right clothing. Thermals are essential if the weather is cool, and a sunhat if the weather is warm.

Educate Yourself Accordingly

Lastly, it might not sound like the most exciting or fun step, but taking the time to learn a couple of very handy skills will really lift your camping trips and enable you to have the best and safest time possible out there. Learn to tie camping knots, manage season-safe camp fires, set up and clean your camper trailer and even read up on the native wildlife. These will all enhance the fun you have whilst you’re out there enjoying everything that the great outdoors has to offer.

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