Dubai Indoor Places

Find out the top indoor activities Dubai offers to escape the summer heat, dust and pollution. Although Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it can be hard to visit during the summer. You shouldn’t worry though, as Dubai is home to some of the most popular indoor activities such as indoor skydiving and indoor skiing. Because you will be entertained and occupied all day, you will have ample time to explore the surrounding areas.

1. Ice skating at Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink is the ideal place to go for relief from the heat of Dubai, which is available 24 hours a days. The Dubai Ice Rink is an Olympic-sized skating rink located on the first floor. It extends to the second floor. The Dubai Ice Rink offers a great place to relax and learn ice-skating skills, while you shop, eat, and enjoy the Dubai Mall Fountain or Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Ice Rink’s skating school accepts students from all ages, with a maximum of 10 students.

2. Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park includes a wildlife park, an animal sanctuary and an educational institution. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the fauna and flora of the world should visit the Dubai Safari Park. There are interactive programs that allow visitors to interact with exotic animals. Dubai Safari Park Tickets covers 119 hectares and is home to more than 3,000 animals, including 10 carnivores (17 different primates), 78 different mammal types, 50 reptile species and 111 species of bird, amphibian, or insect species.

3. Indoor skydiving at iFly

Now you can experience the excitement of bungee jumping, base jumping and skydiving indoors! You may now have the chance to experience a unique, cutting-edge experience with ifly Dubai that will satisfy a long-held dream: controlled human flight. Once you enter the double-ventilated, air-conditioned tunnels, you might feel a controlled “fall”, which is a significantly longer duration than other extreme sports. You will feel like you’re flying safely because experienced instructors are watching you closely. This unparalleled experience is open to all and is suitable for both beginners and veterans. You can also record your flights using the on-site DVD or photo system.

4. Step into a Rainforest at The Green Planet

You can now experience the thrill of base jumping, skydiving, and bungee jumping in a controlled environment. You can now participate in controlled human flight with Ifly Dubai. This is a unique experience that may satisfy a long-held desire. Once you enter the double-ventilated, air-conditioned tunnels, you might feel a controlled “fall”, which is a longer period of “flying” than other extreme sports. Because you’re being watched by experienced instructors, you feel like you’re flying as safely and comfortably as possible. This unparalleled experience is for everyone, beginners and veterans alike. Local DVD and picture system

5. Dolphin Show Dubai

Dolphin Show Dubai at Dubai Dolphinarium is an additional item to your Dubai itinerary. It covers 54,000 square feet and hosts two spectacular shows, the Dolphin and Seal Show and The Bird Show. The 180-degree amphitheater features cutting-edge lighting, sound systems, and comfortable seats. Creek Park is home to intelligent mammals and vibrant birds. This top attraction is suitable for all ages due to their intelligence and agility. They are incredibly friendly creatures that will amaze you. They may perform amazing feats such as juggling with brightly colored balls, singing, or even jumping through hoops effortlessly from their immaculately-organized indoor chairs.

6. Museum of Illusion

One of Dubai’s best assets is the fact that there are still many activities to be done. This essay will examine the mysterious museum that appears to be all there is. One of the region’s most recent indoor attractions is the Illusions Museum Dubai. It is located near Al Seef. It is part of a large network of museums and the first Croatian branch opened in 2015. The most recent Al Seef Dubai edition features over 80 exhibits. This is not your typical Dubai museum. With its twisting corridors, endless rooms and magic views, the Museum of Illusion is sure to entice your senses.

7. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo houses over 140 species of aquatic animals. Our 10 million-liter tank is home to more than 400 sharks and rays. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact directly with the aquatic residents through a variety carefully planned activities that can be shared with family and friends on special occasions. This is a great opportunity for nature lovers and explorers to visit one the most impressive indoor aquariums in the country. Guinness World Records has awarded Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo the title of “Largest Acrylic Panel.” More than 33,000 aquatic species are found in the Dubai Aquarium tank.

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