11 fantastic stag do activities in the UK

By Pete Hatch

It is time, and after months of putting things off the realisation has dawned that you must pull off the weekend of a lifetime to celebrate your best mate’s last night of freedom. Yep, you’re the one lumbered with organising the stag weekend. 

Pretty much every stag party will feature at least one activity over the course of the weekend.  This will usually take place on the Saturdays, when you must lift your sorry hungover heads and face the fresh air with gusto.  

So, what are you going to do? Of course it depends very much on the group involved and what might suit the stag best.  But for the sake of speed, and to give you some ideas, here’s a quick list of 10 of the very best stag weekend activities in the UK.

  1. Karting – This may take place both indoor or outdoors and is a fantastic way of featuring some competitive action that everyone will enjoy.  The format often features a few practice laps followed by a full Grand Prix.  It’s time to rev up those engines as you play at being racing drivers hurtling round overtaking each other, power sliding and fighting for the podium plaudits and sprayed champagne.
  2. Field games – Off at a complete tangent, the chance to muck about in the fresh air, maybe with a bit of mud and some water, definitely some inflatables and a whole lot of guaranteed silliness.  There are lots of different companies offering such activities, many using large inflatable games.  If you’re considering a Bath stag weekend, then perhaps you might want to consider West Country Games, who have 9 different games each with a West Country theme.  They’ll have you rolling in the hay with laughter all day long!  
  3. Continuing on the field games theme, if ever you are on a Cardiff stag weekend, you may want to  check out Welsh Games, who are also from the same outfit.
  4. Paintballing – a staple of any stag weekend.  Many venues are now popping up on former military bases, allowing for a really authentic experience of stalking and firing on the enemy. Splatter them all, with paint…
  5. Shooting – dust off your flat cap and tweed jacket to fire away at clay pigeons. No sawn offs allowed but a great chance for some proper male bonding! You can also try target shooting, but come on, who wouldn’t like to be blasting with farmer’s shot gun?
  6. 4×4 off road driving – from mud buggies to pilots, Land Rovers to tanks and amphibious vehicles, get yourselves onto and possibly into the mud in a real boys’ toys experience. Aside from being a total scream you might learn some useful skills for the real world!
  7. Surfing – ever more popular and a skill worth learning for those impromptu weekend camping trips to the coast. The surf scene in the UK is huge so why not take in the sea air as you attempt to become a bronzed surfing god?  OK so you can’t promise the weather, but may net yourselves some beach babes for the weekend!
  8. White water rafting – life jacket, paddle, jump in a raft and get flung about whilst enjoying a monster adrenalin rush. There are some stunning countryside locations with a wide variety of water conditions for a proper wild experience or you can head to one of the many man made facilities for something a little more sedate.
  9. Horse racing – the sport of kings is available to stags too. With so many great courses up and down the country you can dress up and have a flutter, even wine and dine while there. Soak up a true part of country tradition!
  10. Sports tickets – fancy seeing a cup final or championship match? Football or rugby events for the ball game fans or maybe a spot of F1 or Touring Cars? Otherwise, fancy dress on a Saturday at the cricket is always a lot of fun.  There’s plenty to choose from so why not make a hobby a special event?
  11. Golf – part of the core of business life, a chance for gentlemanly competition, fresh air and of course that popular 19th hole. A decent hotel and a couple of rounds are hard to beat.

Well then, that list should get your brain working so crack on and get out there for some good times!

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