Best New Seafood Restaurant Open In Downtown St Petersburg!

Downtown St. Pete is now home to fresh seafood and boozy coffee. Cap’s, which is located at 216 1st Avenue North in MacDinton’s, has taken root. It’s a double-concept coffee shop/bar and fresh seafood restaurant that serves al fresco dining and sipping.

Cap’s Coffee Shop opened in April. Cap’s seafood restaurant opened for business over the weekend. Fresh seafood is served at a steamer bar and raw bar. It offers delicious steamed and raw options. Raw bar features fresh oysters, sashimi and tuna poke, as well as conch salad and peel and eat Gulf shrimp.

The steamer bar lets guests create their own hot creations by choosing from a variety of base options, such as yellow rice, spaghetti noodles or low-country veggies, and then adding fresh seafood like mussels, clams, shrimps, scallops, and other fresh catch. The steamer dishes can then be topped with any one of Cap’s four sauces.

Cap’s is open Wednesday through Sunday from 5-10pm (and Saturday until 11pm Friday and Saturday). A grand opening celebration will be held in the coming weeks.

Cap’s Coffee Shop, which opened just a few days ago, already welcomes guests with walk-up coffee, pastries, and other boozy delights. The coffee shop, which has a sidewalk bar, is owned by Treasure Island’s Coffee Grounds.

Cap’s Coffee Shop offers downtown all the great pastries, frittatas and other baked goods Coffee Grounds is known for. They also bring their famous style from the beach to the city with them. Cap’s Coffee Shop proudly serves Kahwa Coffee. They offer locally-roasted coffees and brews, and are a St. Pete institution.

Cap’s has something for everyone, at any hour

Cap’s is not your typical cafe. Instead, it has a full liquor bar that allows you to create caffeine-infused cocktails or alcoholic coffee creations. Cap’s Coffee Shop opens every day between 8 and 3 pm. The shop closes at 4 p.m. on Thursdays, and reopens from 3 a.m. on Sundays.

Cafe and restaurant share the full-bar, offering guests choices day and night for great food, drink, and vibes. There is patio seating, and walk up ordering.

The restaurant is named for the great-great-grandfather of the owner, a former rum runner who had a bar and restaurant of his own years ago on Pompano Beach. Cap’s will offer fresh seafood, great cocktails and everything you need to get through the day or night.

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