Captivating Covington – Revisiting American History via a Bus Tour

Nowadays, more and more people prefer bus tours over other ways of traveling as they help a tourist to really immerse themselves in the travel destination. Unlike the trips of yore when travelers tried to cram in as many places as they could in a single day, people now want to take it easy and smell the roses in a leisurely manner over days spent in a trip destination.

Neither small nor big

There is a unique region near the northernmost tip of the state of Kentucky, known as Northern Kentucky. It comprises more than 40 towns and cities situated close to one another. Among these, Covington is one of the largest, and many people who take bus tours in Kentucky make sure to include this town in their travel plans.

On the one hand, Covington lacks the big city vibe and on the other, it is too large to be called a small town – this makes it become the perfect middle-sized travel spot, and its rich, well-preserved history, vast outdoor spaces, and vibrant urban-ness make it utterly captivating to tourists.

Planning a trip

Those taking bus trips in Covington, KY usually plan their itineraries well beforehand so that they can schedule their days out here accordingly. Most people prefer to start off with the historical neighborhoods, such as MainStrasse Village, Licking-Riverside, and Wallace Woods. You can also check out the downtown commercial district that houses lots of historic buildings, the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, the Artists’ Enterprise Center, etc. Another must-visit spot is The Carnegie, a multi-disciplinary arts venue.

If you want, you can shop around at Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Furs and the MainStrasse shops.

Those traveling with family would love to go to the ‘fun’ division which is almost a thousand acres of parks, facilities, and playgrounds. You and the family can play golf, basketball, or soccer here, head out on trails or swim a warm afternoon away.

Those who like less of the physical and more of the cerebral can visit the Behringer-Crawford Museum which houses exhibitions ranging from the ridiculous to the fascinating. Then there is the Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati, a non-profit center that aims at preserving historical rail artifacts, especially from the Cincinnati region.

If you are the religious type, you can visit The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, which has the world’s biggest handmade church stained glass window. You can also add The Garden of Hope to your places to see. This is a religious place with a fifteenth-century Mexican Mission Chapel and a replica of Jesus’s tomb.

As you can see, there are lots of doing and seeing in the laid-back town of Covington. It is said that this place is replete with many hidden wonders. So, when checking out bus trips near me, do ensure that this town is on the top of your next travel destination. You will love your time here and create many warm memories.

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