Harking back to the Past – A Trip to Williamsburg

You can get a glimpse at how life was in the eighteenth century with vacations to Williamsburg, VA.

This place is an intriguingly curious mix of a lively historic town and a living museum. This is not just for Revolutionary War buffs; it is for everyone who wants to experience something spectacular.

Planning your itinerary

There are plenty of spots you must include in your vacation to Williamsburg. These are:

Jamestowne: Located on Jamestown Island, Jamestowne is the first permanent English settlement in North America. The site of the original settlement is an active archeological excavation site, and you can take a look at the artifacts and meet the conservation staff to learn about the life of early colonists.

Colonial Williamsburg: once here, you will feel as if you have stumbled into a movie set. Painstakingly restored, this area is replete with stunning architectural marvels such as the Governor’s Palace, the Capitol, Raleigh’s Tavern, and others, which do not appear as if they have been around for hundreds of years.

Busch Gardens: it is time to enjoy some rides! In this European-style theme park, you will enjoy yourself to the max on thrilling rides, such as Loop the Loop, Griffon, and the Tempesto. Kids love Land of the Dragons and Sesame Street Forest. Once your tummy settles down, you can grab a tasty meal at any of the several restaurants here, all of which serve mouthwatering delights.

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum: this one would appeal strictly to all art lovers. It houses art pieces, like paintings, objects, and sculptures, made by self-trained artists and local craftsmen. A point to be noted here is it has one of the largest folk art collections in the country.

Water Country USA: after all that wandering about, you can cool off in the Water Country USA waterpark. This is perfect for the entire family with its numerous slides, pools, and lounging areas.

Jamestown Glasshouse: this is an interesting place to add to your list of places to visit on your trip. The glassmakers still use the same techniques that were used more than 400 years ago! You can see the original furnaces that the early settlers used to make their glassware. If you want, you can buy some pretty glass pieces to take home too.

The Williamsburg Winery: hasn’t all that roaming around given you a parched throat? Just head over straight to the Williamsburg Winery to wet your whistle by sampling its critically acclaimed wines. You can pair the delightful drinking with a scrumptious meal at Café Provencal – your stomach will thank you for it!

Shopping: what would be better than bringing your trip to an end with retail therapy? To look at the offerings of more than 135 famous stores, all you need to do is visit the outdoor mall, Williamsburg Premium Outlets. You are sure to find lots of exciting buys here.

It is time to stop looking for vacations near me. Just plan a trip to Williamsburg – rest assured that it will be one you will cherish all your life.  

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