Panchachuli Base Camp Trek itinerary

About the destination: Located in the Dharma Valley of Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand, the Panchachuli Base Camp boasts of a beauty unparalleled. With the Dhauliganga flowing below, the Base Camp combines the beauty of glacial rivers, with towering snow capped peaks and the bright forests that surround it. Read about Panchachuli Base Camp Trek itinerary below.

The scenic grandeur here is heightened by the trekking route that leads one to the Base Camp, which in itself is riddled with some of the most resplendent landscapes. Head over to the Thrillophilia reviews section to know what people had to say about the Panchachuli Base Camp.

About the trek: According to popular Thrillophilia Sitejabber reviews, the Panchachuli Base Camp trek is one of the most popular summer treks in the Uttarakhand region. Traveling from Kathgodam to the Panchachuli Base Camp and back, this trek is home to some of Himalaya’s most striking landscapes. On the way to the base camp, one crosses lush green forests, swift rivers and fields of strawberry and little flowers, making for a fantastically scenic expedition. The 40 kilometer long trek travels along Himalayan ridges, and can be completed in parts for the best experience. The trek in itself is said to be between easy to moderate, making it a good option for beginners with little previous experience in trekking. The trek takes about 7 nights and 8 days to complete.

Detailed Itinerary of the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek:

Day 1: Kathgodam to Dharchula

The picturesque ride from Kathgodam to Dharchula takes about 9 hours to complete. Crossing lofty mountains and rivers on the way, one passes through the little Himalayan towns of Bhimtal, Almora, Dhaulchina, Chaukori, Dhak and Ashkot on the way. Spend the night at Dharchula, nestled right on the Indo-Nepal border. 

Day 2: Dharchula- Dar- Urthing

Start the day early with a drive to Dar, where the trek begins. From Dar, one takes a narrow ridge by the edge of the cliff and heads towards Urthing. The trek to Urthing passes through Bongling forest, with the Dhauliganga river gushing towards the right. A level trek leads one to Urthing. Overnight stay at Urthing campsite. 

Day 3: Urthing – Naegling 

The walk from Worthing to Naegling is a fairly easy one, cutting across pastoral meadows amidst the mountains. Crossing the Himalayan ridges, one arrives at the Sela campsite right on the outskirts of Naagin. Overnight stay in Naagin Campsite. 

Day 4: Naagin – Son 

A 3 kilometer long trek from the campsite leads one to the tabletop Naagin meadow, known for its astounding views of the surrounding peaks. From the meadow, another short trek leads one across wilderness and into Son, a little tribal village to spend the night at. 

Day 5: Son- Panchachuli Base Camp

Traveling through a  vast expanse of Dantu Bugyals, the trek to the Panchachuli Base camp is one of the most picturesque ones. The journey itself is quite steep, with verdant coniferous forests on one side and the Meola river flowing down the other. Fields of strawberry lead the way to the Base Camp, which is in itself a marvel. With the five peaks, or Panchachuli towering at a distance, the bright green fields and the sky above appear twice as bright. Overnight stay in the campsite at Panchachuli Base. 

Day 6: Panchachuli Base Camp – Naegling

Having reached its destination, the trek then turns backwards towards Dar. The first stop from Panchachuli is Naegling. The trek backwards is a pretty easy descent. Overnight stay at the camp in Naagin.

Day 7: Naagin – Urthing 

Traveling the same route backwards, one reaches from Naagling to Urthing across a 12 kilometer long trail. Overnight stay at the camp in Urthing. 

Day 8: Urthing – Dharchula

On the last day of the trek, one must take a short hike from Worthing to Soble. From Soble then, one travels back to Dharchula by car. 

Best time for Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

The best time for the Panchachuli Base Camp trek would be during the summer months, between May and June, or just after monsoon during September and October. One should avoid the monsoon and winter months for the trek, as Panchachuli being a high-altitude destination, the roads might often remain inaccessible or dangerous to tread on during this time.

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