25 Best Places to Visit Spain for Everyone – First Travel Diary

Posting the best places to visit in Spain is no simple accomplishment! The nation is loaded with countless fascinating urban areas and towns.


Posting the best places to visit in Spain is no simple accomplishment! The nation is loaded with such countless fascinating urban areas and towns, my rundown could stretch to more than 50 spots. Notwithstanding, I have limited it down to 25!

Well known places, for example, Barcelona, Ibiza and Sevilla are incorporated as you can’t visit Spain and not look at these spots. I have added a couple of lesser-realized spots like Formentera, Ronda and Salamanca that you ought not skip all things considered!

Spain is one of my #1 nations. Individuals are unimaginable, the food is incredible and the nation is extremely different, notwithstanding portrayals of it as sun, ocean and sand. Enormous varieties in the way of life and landscape are clear when you visit various pieces of the country.

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My rundown of the best places to find in Spain consolidates an assortment of spots so you will actually want to see the entirety of Spain.


Where to remain: Casa Gracia | Best action: Gaudi Tour

Perspective on Sagrada Familia

At the point when individuals consider Spain, Barcelona is one of the primary places that come into view. The Catalonian city is acclaimed all throughout the planet for its football crew, design and sea shores. In case you’re visiting Spain it’s some place you can’t leave off your agenda!

I lived in Barcelona for a very long time and despite the fact that I didn’t generally adore the spot, there is almost certainly it’s an extraordinary spot to visit. Something is continually going on and the engineering in the middle is amazing. Gaudi’s structures like Casa Botilo and La Sagrada Familia, specifically, are ones you need to look at! One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

One of my number one activities in Barcelona was to go to Montjuic. It is found near Plaza Espana and houses a gallery, however in the event that you head further on, you will go to the site for the Olympic games held in the city in 1992. It’s an incredible spot to move away from the rushing about of the middle!

Regardless of whether you go through 3 days in Barcelona or more, it is an energetic city that can fill in as the doorway to the Costa Brava area, which is quite possibly the most excellent places in the entirety of Spain!

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Where to remain: Bcool Bilbao | Best action: Guided Bike Tour

Guggenheim gallery

Bilbao is perhaps the most intriguing urban areas with regards to Spain to visit. Situated in the North of Spain in the Basque Country, Bilbao has gone through a social renaissance lately.

The Guggenheim Museum is one of the strangest and most fantastic structures I have at any point seen. It must be believed to be accepted! Its area close to the Nervion stream just adds to its shine. Also, there are some peculiar sculptures outside including a monster creepy crawly and a major canine comprised of blossoms!

I enthusiastically suggest heading into the slopes above Bilbao to get a perspective on the city. The funicular up to Mt Artxanda is the manner by which to do it and you get some lovely perspectives on the city and the encompassing territory. One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

You can’t leave Bilbao without attempting a portion of the renowned pintxos which are a Basque forte. They are minimal open sandwiches with an assortment of garnishes. They are served in pretty much every bar and are a modest method to eat in case you’re going on a careful spending plan!

For more data, look at my Bilbao Travel Guide


Where to remain: Surfing Etxea | Best movement: Pintxos and Wine Tour

La Concha Bay

San Sebastian is ostensibly the most wonderful city in Spain. That is some assertion thinking about the number of stunning spots there are to find in the country! Be that as it may, the city’s area close to the ocean, delightful structures and stupendous view put forth a convincing defense.

To see exactly how wonderful the city is, you need to climb up Monte Igeldo to get a mind boggling perspective on the city and La Concha Bay. You can either climb up or take the funicular, however I exhort strolling up, as the perspectives at the same time are astonishing!

On the off chance that you love surfing, you’re in karma as well. You can make a beeline for San Sebastian’s second sea shore Playa Zurriola and evaluate the waves. On the off chance that riding’s isn’t your thing you can generally head there late in the day and appreciate the regular excellent dusks the city gets!

One thing you need to attempt in San Sebastian is the food. the city has the biggest convergence of Michelin featured cafés anyplace on the planet! That is as great a pardon as any to go overboard on a nice dinner while you’re visiting!

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Where to remain: Medplaya Aparthotel Esmeraldas | Best movement: Hike to the palace

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a little beachside town in Catalunya about an hour from Barcelona. It is perhaps the most pleasant spots in Spain and an excellent spot to visit whatever the season.

What makes Tossa de Mar so unique is the palace that is settled toward the finish of the sea shore. This gives the sea shore an interesting vibe and moving to the highest point of the palace offers some unbelievable of your environmental factors. At the point when you visit Tossa de Mar, you’ll comprehend why there are such countless statements about Spain and its magnificence!

It is somewhat hard to get to Tossa de Mar as no train goes straightforwardly there. You will either require a vehicle or get an immediate transport from focal Barcelona. Be that as it may, the trouble of arriving just adds to its charm. One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

In case you’re searching for some place with wonderful sea shores and beautiful perspectives on the Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar is the spot to go!


Where to remain: Hostel One Madrid | Best movement: Bernabeu Stadium Tour

Gran Via in Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital and a fascinating city with regards to its own right. There are a few choice structures and sights to see during your time around there.

Court Mayor, the Royal Palace and El Retiro Park are for the most part lovely spots that you need to investigate. While, there are a few fine galleries in Madrid too, for example, the Museo Nacional del Prado, which houses a huge workmanship assortment.

You will likewise discover a lot of incredible spots to eat and, specifically, numerous spots to have informal breakfast in Madrid. The city has a lively food scene that you need to look at while you’re there!

In the event that you’re an avid supporter, you need to visit the arena of the large clubs around there. Atletico and Real Marid are renowned all throughout the planet, and their arenas are great by their own doing.

Even better, in the event that you can mastermind your visit to concur with a match you will encounter Spanish football at its generally energetic!


Where to remain: Roomin Hostel | Best movement: Guided Walking Tour

Square Mayor in Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the lesser-realized spots to visit in Spain. It’s an excellent and vivacious city in the Northwest of the country, not a long way from Madrid. One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

The city is brimming with history regardless of where you go. From old palaces and chapels to clamoring archaic roads, the set of experiences overflows out of the city! In case you’re a set of experiences buff, this is one spot you need to remember for your Spain agenda!

The house of prayer and Plaza Mayor are the two primary attractions around there and they are both tremendous. An undisputed top choice of mine was Casa de las Conchas, which is a Gothic structure shrouded in shells!

The city has an enthusiastic nightlife because of its huge understudy populace. This makes it an extraordinary spot to find in Spain for social and epicurean reasons!


Where to remain: Option Be | Best action: La Mezquita Guided Tour

Perspective on a road in Cordoba

Córdoba is quite possibly the most lovely urban communities in Spain. This is particularly evident on the off chance that you visit when the city is facilitating its porch celebration during April and May. Because of the warm environment, most structures were worked with a focal deck. To keep them cool, local people fill them with plants and water highlights.

The outcomes are excellent as the structures are decked out in an assortment of tones, with dazzling plants all over. The disadvantage is that the justification the plants is on the grounds that temperatures in Córdoba can arrive at edge of boiling over!

It’s normal for the mercury to arrive at 40 degrees or more during summer. This can make it precarious to see places while you’re there. You need to one or the other outfit early or adventure out late in the evening to see everything!

La Mezquita, a rambling mosque from the Moorish time frame is the primary fascination in Córdoba. The Alcazar is another delightful structure you need to look at. I appreciated strolling around the old piece of the town and seeing the different decks and curving rear entryways that make up this piece of the city!


Where to remain: Albergue Los Molinos | Best movement: Ronda, Mountains and Setenil Tour

Puente Nuevo in Ronda

Ronda is quite possibly the most lovely places in Europe, quit worrying about Spain! What makes the city so grand and pleasant is the tremendous Puente Nuevo connect.

It is a monstrous construction that overshadows the gap made by the Guadalevín River beneath. Ronda doesn’t simply have one extension it has two! The more modest, Puente Viejo, isn’t as noteworthy, yet at the same time a stunning sight. It’s one of many list of must-dos places you need to visit while in Spain!

There are a lot of different activities in Ronda other than looking at the amazing extensions. You can climb around Cuerva del Gato and investigate a few caverns, while you can see the old Arabian showers as well.

Ronda is quite possibly the most interesting spots to visit in Spain because of the idea of the city. In case you’re doing an excursion in Andalucia, Ronda is some place you need to visit!


Where to remain: Hostel One Centro | Best action: Alcazar Guided Tour

Court Espana in Sevilla

Sevilla is one of my number one urban communities in Spain. Situated in delightful Andalucia, it’s a dynamic spot with a great deal to see and do. The best thing about Sevilla is that there is continually something occurring, there’s zero chance you’ll get exhausted during your visit!

Perhaps the best spot to visit in Sevilla is Plaza de España. It is an amazing structure that must be believed to be accepted! On the off chance that you have seen Star Wars Episode I, you will perceive the structure as it was utilized as the Palace of

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Where to remain: Feel Hostel Soho | Best movement: Caminito del Rey Guided Tour

Malaga from Castillo Gibralfaro

On the off chance that you need sun, ocean and sand, Malaga is probably the best spot to go in Spain. The city at the tip of Andalucia, on the Costa del Sol, gets shedloads of daylight lasting through the year.

You could without much of a stretch spend your entire outing relaxing on the sea shore and absorbing the beams. Notwithstanding, I don’t encourage you to do that as there is a great deal to do around there. You can look at the various notable pieces of Malaga, for example, the Teatro Romano and Castillo de Gibralfaro.

Malaga is likewise the origination of Picasso and there is a historical center here committed to his life. In the event that exhibition halls aren’t your thing, there are a lot of activities outside, including climbing up behind the Castillo to get an unbelievable perspective on the city.

One thing you need to do while you’re in Malaga is head to El Caminito del Rey. It is a walkway in a massive gorge that was once named the ‘most risky climb on the planet’! Fortunately, it’s significantly more secure now and offers a fabulous stroll as you clear your path through the ravine!

For more data, look at my manual for 3 days in Malaga


Where to remain: Casa Caracol | Best action: Cadiz Medieval Tour

Perspective on Cadiz

Cadiz is perhaps the most fascinating spots to visit with regards to Spain. It is prominent as supposedly being the most seasoned occupied city in Europe. Archeological remaining parts date back to 1104 BC when it was established by the Phoenicians.

The city is situated on a spit of land that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to Playa La Caleta, which is a lovely sea shore near the focal point of the city. A decent aspect concerning Cadiz is that everything is inside simple reach of the middle. One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

This makes getting around simple and permits you to investigate the city at your recreation. The Baroque Cathedral merits looking at as it offers an all encompassing perspective on the city. While you can likewise get great perspectives from Torre Tavira, which was an eighteenth century post pinnacle.

Cadiz is a lesser-realized spot to head out to in Spain, yet it’s an interesting in any case and some place you should visit during your time in Spain!


Where to remain: Hotel Vía Gótica | Best action: Guided Tuk-Tuk Tour

Perspective on Burgos

In case you’re keen on history, Burgos is perhaps the best city in Spain to visit. It was the notable capital of Castille-Leon and has a few fascinating structures and landmarks to look at.

The primary fascination in Burgos is the thirteenth century Gothic house of God. It is a noteworthy structure that overshadows you. It’s by all account not the only strict structure in the city with numerous different temples and cloisters, for example, Monasterio de las Huelgas to see as well!

One of the additional fascinating activities in Burgos is to visit the remainders of Castillo de Burgos. It is situated in the slopes over the city and offers a phenomenal display of the city underneath.

A long way from being a dark city in Northern Spain, Burgos is a fascinating objective that you would be insightful to incorporate as a feature of your outing!


Where to remain: Purple Nest | Best movement: Valencia Bike Tour

Perspective on Valencia

Albeit not as generally visited as Barcelona up the coast, Valencia is as yet perhaps the best spot to visit in Spain. It is an energetic and excellent city that has the right to be investigated by its own doing. You’ll discover a lot of activities in Valencia, for example, unwind at the sea shore or look at a portion of the sights around there! One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

Valencia is home to some charming engineering, most outstandingly the City of Arts and Sciences, planned by prestigious planner Santiago Calatrava. The plan is interesting, as you stroll towards it you get the impression and large egg has landed!

The city is the home of the acclaimed Spanish dish, Paella. This is the place where the dish started and you need to attempt a few while you’re here as it is fantastic! It would be a wrongdoing to pass up a major opportunity!

The sea shore in Valencia is enormous and somewhere else you should look at! Valencia is perhaps the least expensive city in Spain to visit and significantly calmer than different urban communities in the country. This makes it an extraordinary objective in the event that you need to head off to some place with less vacationers than more standard areas of interest!

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Where to remain: ECO Hostel | Best action: La Alhambra Guided Tour

El Alhambra in Granada

Granada is home to the most famous vacation spot in Spain, La Alhambra. This by itself is a sufficient motivation to visit Granada since it is a great and unfathomable structure!

La Alhambra used to be a Moorish royal residence before they were driven out of Spain in the fifteenth century. Words can’t depict how stunning this spot. You need to book tickets ahead of time, such is the prevalence of the spot! Ensure you do this already to abstain from passing up a major opportunity!

Perhaps the best thing about Granada is that you get free tapas at bars and cafés. Regardless of whether you request a beverage, your request will accompany free tapas. The tapas fluctuates from one spot to another, yet the quality doesn’t and it’s an extraordinary method to test the neighborhood cooking!

In case you’re making a beeline for Andalucia, you would be frantic to visit without including Granada!


Where to remain: Oasis Backpackers | Best action: Toledo Walking Tour

Perspective on Toledo

Toledo is one of the delightful urban areas in Spain, yet it isn’t just about as broadly known as it ought to be. This antiquated city used to be the capital of the old Visigothic realm from 542 to 725 AD. 2000 years of history is safeguarded in the city which makes it an entrancing spot to visit! One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

A ton of the primary activities in Toledo spin around investigating the historical backdrop of the city. You can look at the Alcázar de Toledo, which was initially a Roman stronghold in the third century and reestablished as a castle by Charles I and his child Philip II during the 1540s.

The delightful Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo, Monasterio de San Juan de Los Reyes and the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz are breathtaking spots you need to look at too!

Toledo is overflowing with history everywhere. In the event that you like history as much as me, it’s the ideal spot to visit in Spain!


Where to remain: Can Cocollona | Best action: Game of Thrones Tour


Girona is a stunning city an hour north of Barcelona. In case you’re an aficionado of Game of Thrones you will perceive the church building in the city from the show. It’s not difficult to perceive any reason why they picked it, as it is a forcing and awesome structure.

Strolling around Girona it’s not difficult to feel like you have been moved back to a bygone era. The structures in the city are excellent. Probably the best activity in Girona is to make a beeline for the highest point of the city dividers to get an astonishing viewpoint of the city.

A few fabulous exhibition halls are situated in the city like the Art and Cinema galleries, the two of which merit visiting while you’re there.

Probably the best spot to visit is by the waterway as you will be to get an epic photograph of the beautiful houses set against the setting of the stream. Girona may not be on everybody’s rundown with regards to concocting a Spain travel schedule, yet you ought to remember it for yours!


Where to remain: Roots and Boots Hostel | Best action: Cathedral and Museum Guided Tour

Church building in Santiago

Santiago de Compostela is the capital of Galicia, which is one of the lesser-visited portions of Spain, yet in addition perhaps the most intriguing. The region has an inquisitive foundation, as it was home to Celtic individuals prior to being consolidated into the Roman Empire.

The city is the end course of the celebrated journey the Camino de Santiago, wherein travelers journey through Europe to the sanctuary of the witness Saint James the Great in the city’s church building.

Just as this, there are bounty more sights in Santiago, for example, the Praza do Obradoiro, Monastery of San Martiño Pinario and the contemporary expressions complex at the City of Culture of Galicia.

Santiago is an excellent piece of Spain and one I suggest visiting in the event that you see a piece of the country that is frequently ignored.


Where to remain: Bcool Santander | Best action: Picos, Potes and Soplao Cave Day Trip

Playa El Sardinero in Santander

Santander is the home of the well known bank of a similar name, yet there is considerably more to the city than this. It is a wonderful and fascinating city with a rich history and an assortment of activities.

Situated in the North of Spain toward the west of Bilbao, Santander has some awesome perspectives on the Bay of Santander. A visit to the famous sea shore Sardinero and strolling along the Magdalena Peninsula are strongly suggested!

It is an extraordinary spot to visit throughout the mid year as it’s an option in contrast to the more well known objections in Andalucia and the East Coast. It’s an extraordinary spot to incorporate as a component of an excursion in Northern Spain! One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

Similarly as with most urban areas in Spain, there is an abundance of exhibition halls and compositionally huge structures to look at like Centro Botin and the house of God.

Santander is probably the best city to visit in Spain, not exclusively would you be able to go to the sea shore, yet you can investigate some astonishing social sights as well! What’s not to cherish!


Where to remain: Hostel Soller | Best action: Caves of Drach Tour

Cap de Formentor

Mallorca is perhaps the most mainstream vacationer locations in Spain. A many individuals head there to party and get their fill of sea shores and sun. In any case, there are a ton of different spots to visit on Mallorca beside these spaces.

The capital, Palma, is a flawless city with a ton of fascinating chronicled structures. While an outing to Cap de Formentor is a smart thought because of the shocking view.

Because of its size, there are a lot of activities in Mallorca. You can go climbing in the mountains, kayak or unwind at the various sea shores and visit heaps of modest communities as well!

Mallorca is a wonderful island, one with an assortment of spots to see. It’s without a doubt outstanding amongst other Spanish excursions you can take!


Where to remain: Hostel Menorca | Best action: South Coast Boat Excursion


Menorca is the littlest of the three principle Balearic Islands. It is regularly overlooked, as Ibiza and Mallorca attract the majority of the vacationers. Be that as it may, it is a lovely island and one you should go to in the event that you need to discover secret spots to visit in Spain.

The island has a great deal of excellence and is moderately untainted attributable to its little size and absence of standard the travel industry. The sea shores here are perfect and the water is frequently turquoise. It is absolutely a pleasant spot to visit.

Cala Mitjana, which is a little bay with a sandy sea shore, Cala Galdana and the Mola fort are among the best places to see in Menorca. For a little island, there is a ton to see and you should lease a vehicle to see everything!

On the off chance that you need to get off the beaten track in Spain, an outing to Menorca is a smart thought!

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Where to remain: El Poris | Best action: Whale and Dolphin Tour


Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands and a fabulous spot to visit! You will not get exhausted at any point in the near future as there are a lot of activities on the island. One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.

The island dwells in the shadow of Mt Teide, which is the most noteworthy mountain in Spain and a functioning fountain of liquid magma. In case you’re a bold soul, it is a decent climb to get to the top. Be that as it may, at 3,718 m (12,198 ft), it is a difficult rising and not for the cowardly.

As you would envision for an island situated off the bank of West Africa, there are a lot of sea shores on Tenerife. In case you’re searching for an escape in the sun, Tenerife is an incredible spot to go!

Visiting the greatest island in the Canary Islands is a smart thought in the event that you need to head off to some place not in terrain Spain and get some sun!


Where to remain: Apartamentos Ses Eufabietes | Best action: Relax at the sea shore

Sea shore in Formentera

You might be taking a gander at Formentera and pondering where the damnation it is. I know the inclination! I went over it one day and pondering where it is in Spain. Turns out it is a little island off the shore of Ibiza.

It’s small to the point that I erroneously thought there were just three Balearic Islands! Nonetheless, notwithstanding its size, Formentera is as yet an extraordinary spot to visit.

One explanation is that doesn’t get as numerous sightseers like different islands because of its size and the absence of mindfulness about it.

In any case, you will discover flawless sea shores and a laidback vibe that is rather than what you may discover on Ibiza or Majorca. It’s an awesome spot to go on a roadtrip from Ibiza or for an end of the week from the territory!


Where to remain: Amistat Island Hostel | Best action: Beach Hopping Cruise


Ibiza is perhaps the most mainstream spots to visit in Spain. The Balearic Island in the Mediterranean is eminent the world over for the dance clubs and the gathering way of life. Be that as it may, there is significantly more to Ibiza than simply this!

The sea shores in Ibiza are incredible and they are among the awesome Spain. Platja d’en Bossa is truly outstanding on the island and Cala d’Hort is a delightful one molded like a sickle!

Ibiza will be loaded with revelers throughout the late spring months, which makes it more costly and harder to see places. My recommendation is to previously or after party season when the island is significantly calmer.

This way you will miss all the gathering individuals and have the option to investigate the more quiet pieces of Ibiza in relative harmony! One of the Best Places to Visit Spain.


Where to remain: Hotel H2 | Best movement: Walk around the dividers


Ávila‎ is a lesser-realized spot to visit and perhaps the most novel spots to visit in Spain. It is a braced city, situated in the locale of Castile and León. The exceptional thing about the city is that it has unblemished archaic dividers which range the outside of the city.

They are a fantastic sight and look considerably more noteworthy around evening time when they are lit up! 80 pinnacles and nine doors make up the dividers and they are in superb condition thinking about how old they are!

Similarly as with most old urban areas in Spain, there are a lot of temples around there. The house of God is similar to a post, and it is special in the way that it is incorporated into the city dividers!

Ávila‎ is just a little city yet set in the moving slopes west of Madrid, it is a wonderful spot you need to check while going around Spain!


Where to remain: Duermevela Hostel | Best action: Hot Air Balloon Experience

Reservoir conduit in Segovia

Segovia is perhaps the most delightful urban areas in Spain. The city is celebrated for a few notable structures and tourist spots. Essential among them is the transcending Roman Aqueduct, which must be believed to be accepted! It has in excess of 160 curves!

Relatively few water passages from Roman occasions are as yet standing, it’s perhaps the best motivation to visit Segovia just to see it! Among the other amazing structures is the Alcázar de Segovia, which is a twelfth century palace and the house of God, which is a noteworthy Gothic structure.

The actual city is a lovely spot with the enormous Plaza Mayor, including an abundance of tapas bars for you to test.

Segovia likewise has a lot of limited back streets to investigate, some of which lead you to the Jewish Quarter, which was a significant piece of the city during bygone eras.

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