Top Five Treks to Undertake in the Monsoon

I am frequently bombarded with questions regarding the best trek to undertake in the monsoon. That is during the months of July, August, and September. However, I have observed that trekkers are confident concerning where to trek and what to anticipate. So today, I’m answering all those issues through this post.

Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

It is time to trek in the land of Nod of unforeseeable lands of Hampta Pass if a person is fond of being in the lap of nature. Sceneries change graphically in hardly any hours of walking on the Hampta Pass trekking trail. The bountiful natural vision reimburses the absence of anything traitorous in the trail. It will take you out of the blue at every meandering and turn of the trek. 

The whole trail of the Hampta Pass trek is spotted with everything you can fantasize about eyewitnessing on a trek. A perfect trek for twain beginner and skilled trekkers, Hampta Pass Trek, appears to be an angelic beauty through the monsoon months. Setting up a connection between Kullu Valley and Lahaul Valley, this incredible trail sets about from Manali, contributing marvelous visions like icebergs, the robust Himalayas, glowing gorges, and so on.


Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Jammu and Kashmir

One of the favored treks in the Kashmir valley, the Kashmir Great Lake Trek, has shining ponds and an impressive mountainous landscape as its high point.

The Great lake trek puts forward a possibility to come upon many of the high-altitude lakes, bragging of the engaging environment and snow-mantled peaks. As the rain comes slamming from above, walk along the banks of lakes like Gangabal, Gadsar, Kushinagar, Nundkol, and Vishnasar. Snow-loaded peaks, abundant climate, and even-tempered lakes all look charming.


Sinhagad Trek, Pune

A trek to the 17th-century fort of Sinhagad fort is an average struggling level and is renowned as an outdoor meal, just 30 km from Pune. The personification of the bravery of Maratha fighters in the course of the Sinhanad Battle, this fort has been precious with green open surroundings. The Sinhagad trek is a one-day trek, and in the downpour, the vista becomes enchanting. The sunrise and sunset sights are unforgettable. A well-liked monsoon excursion admission is a glorious event.

Sinhagad becomes elegantly green and gorgeous throughout the rainfall and so trekking up the fort in those hazy untimely mornings is the best approach to tour it. It will take you far and wide, between 45-90 mins to come to the top, depending on your level of health at the midpoint. If you’re not in the frame of mind to climb up, you can also boost up to the top and find things to do there.


Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand

Roopkund, probably the most prominent trek in India, is nearly absolute. The Roopkund track ascends through imposing dark forests, instantly bursting into Ali and Bedni Bugyal. Then, out of the fields, the trail rapidly gets into tremendous alpine stretches.

Climbing on snow to the Roopkund lake is a heart-pounding thrill. The beautiful Mt Trishul looms over the setting, getting closer as you climb higher at a ridge above Roopkund. Only air separates the trekker from them and Trishul.

Also known as the Mystery Lake or the Skeleton Lake, the Roopkund Lake trek is a wonderful one. The lake is filled with green surroundings, snow-capped peaks, thick forest, narrow passes, strewn glaciers, and lovely meadows. The place converts into heaven during the rainfall. It will take you to a pond that has a hundred human skeletons in and around it. This lake has a few mythologies devoted to it. The trek begins from Lohajung.


Zanskar Valley Trek, Ladakh

At the monsoon downpour, the Zanskar Valley trek gives a modern explanation to this journey, called trekking in Ladakh. Witnessing extraordinary scenic elegance, trekkers encounter renowned sanctuaries, remote towns, and vicious valleys, worth apprehending in your cameras. The Zanskar valley trek starts from Darcha, wrapping Palahmo, Zanskar Sumdo, Chumik Nakpo, Lakhang via Shingo Pass, Kargil, Phutkal, Purni, Pipula, Raru, and finally Padum.

A demanding trek that wraps remote Ladakh and Zanskar regions with straight ascents and winding descents across high permits. It deep ravines banded with multi-hued boulders and towns, dotted with white mud-brick towers and Buddhist memorials.

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